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  As one characteristic product of Changzhou, royal combs were famous both at home and abroad. Changzhou-made combs were originated from Wei and Jin Dynasty, which have enjoyed a long history of above 1500 years. The scene of “The reflection of the moon in the water is seen as crossing Wenheng Bridge; and the lamplight in the comb-makers lane reflect on the canal” was reputed as one of the eight scenic sites in Changzhou in Qing Dynasty. Besides, the verse in the Changzhou Appraisal says, “Combs are made by cutting bamboo (bamboos); Changzhou-made ones are popular among all royal families.” Such description proves that how prosperous the comb-making in Changzhou was in the history. In Qing Dynasty, Changzhou Textile Manufacture & Taxation Agency customized a batch of high class combs for the royal families every year; therefore, Changzhou-made combs were also reputed as “Royal Combs”. The high reputation of Changzhou-made combs should be due to its strict material choosing, unique workmanship and high quality. In 1910, it won the golden medal of Nanyang Commodity Exposition. In 1926, it won the gold medal awarded by the World Expo in Philadelphia. Nowadays, while inheriting and carrying forward the fine traditions of skills of engraving, drawing, carving and ironing”, the local handicraftsmen keep emerging out of the old by integrating with the features of daily appliance, artwork and decorations and make Changzhou-made combs the daily-use artwork full of national traditions and art charms.
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