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Gourmet Card
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Steamed Crabmeat Bun

It was invented during Emperor Daoguan’s reign in Qing Dynasty. The bun is small with a unique style. The ingredients include fine white flour, suet, crab powder, pork and other seasoning. The crab oil shines with the color of gold, rich but not greasy. The smell of crab, succulent taste, thin wrapper and smooth filing will be more delicious with vinegar and ginger slices. The best steamed buns are made in Yingui Teahouse at Xiyingli street.



Shrimp Cake

It has a history of more than 200 years. As recorded in Yuan Mei (Literate in Qing Dynasty)’s Suiyuan Gourmet Menu, the shrimp cake was made of shrimp meat, scallion, salt, pepper and alcohol dregs, which was mixed into water and flour and thoroughly fried in oil. It is gold and crisp in the surface and soft inside, tasting good.


Horse Hoof Shortcake

In the 10th year of Emperor Xianfeng’s reign in Qing Dynasty, after Changzhou was conquered by the army of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, horse hoof shaped oil shortcake appeared which was used to praise the merits and achievements of the Taiping army. Made of fine white flour, sugar and bean oil, and baked in the traditional baking furnace, the horse hoof shortcake is gold, sweet and crisp. It has been collected among Famous Chinese Dishes.



Sticky Rice Ball with Rice Wine Lees

It is one of the characterized snacks of Changzhou. At the beginning of liberation, Shanghai “Dashijie” used to sell “Changzhou sticky rice ball with rice wine lees”. Fine rice mixed with sweet Chinese yeast was made into wine lees through procedures like steaming and fermentation. With jasmine, it is jasmine wine lees. The rice balls have the color of jade. With the smell of wine, it tastes sweet and refreshing.  

Three-Delicacy Wonton

The filing is made of shrimps, fresh herring meat and fresh pork, which are called “three delicacies”. The wrapper is made of white flour mixed with egg white. The soup is prepared with hens. The wonton has thin and smooth rind, tasty filing and delicious soup.


Silver Thread Noodle

After the fine white flour is mixed with egg white, the noodle is cut out with special serration noodle cutter. It is as white as silver, soft and smooth. With the tasty soup, the noodle will not decompose while cooking. It has been listed in the Famous Chinese Snacks.


Bake Scallion-Stuffed Sesame Biscuit

It is also called small sesame cake, which is often used as gifts together with big sesame cakes. There are four kinds of filing, namely shepherd’s purse, scallion and oil, sugar and red bean paste. Made of fine white flour and decorticated white sesame, it is baked with seasoning. The shape looks like the crab shell with the color of gold. It is rich but not greasy, crisp and flaky.

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