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Ecology Card
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  Tianmu Lake is formed with unpolluted water of the river and streams running from the 250km2 area of South Mountain at the cross of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. The lake is as clean as mirror, vast and blue, which became its endowed water quality. The green coverage ratio of the surrounding hills reached 80%, including 600 hectares of bamboo grove and 60 hectares of tea garden that are famous in South Jiansu. The hills are surrounded by the water; the trees grow by the water; and the water flows throughout the woods, which gives Tianmu Lake the unique connotation of nature and green fairyland. The three special features of Tianmu Lake refer to tea, water and fish head. There are tea gardens around the lake and it is famous for one of its special dishes, “fish head cooked in casserole”, made of the grey carp head. As an ecological homeland and the dreamed heaven, Tianmu Lake is now being constructed into the back garden of the Yangtze River Delta area and it has become the first choice for those who seek for an ecological resort.
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