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  Qu Qiubai, Zhang Tailei and Yun Daiying, who are called “three heroes of Changzhou”, were earlier Party leaders. They fought for the reform of China and sacrificed themselves. As one of the earlier leaders of the Party, Qu Qiubai was a Marxist, an excellent proletarian revolutionist, theorist and publicist as well as one of the founders of the revolutionary literature in China. Zhang Tailei is a name closely related to foundation of Socialist Youth League and Guangzhou Uprising. He was one of the earliest international activists in the Party as well as the link between the Party and Communist International, Youth League and Youth Communist International. He was called the “real internationalist”. Yun Daiying was one of the early Party leaders. He was also a political scientist, theorist, and leader of youth movements. He participated into and led the May Fourth Movement, the May 30th Movement, Nanchang Uprising, and Guangzhou Uprising, etc. Having been influenced by him, numerous young people stepped onto the road of reform. “Three heroes of Changzhou” are the representatives of the celebrities of Changzhou, and they will be the pride of Changzhou people.
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